What is New for Playground Swing Seats

What is New for Playground Swing Seats

What is New for Playground swing seats & accessories, 2018

What is New for Playground swing seats 2018 by Charvet Ciraolo, Jensen Swing Products.
The playground industry is always changing. It is what I like about this industry. It is never boring. There is always something new and exciting. When we first began with Jensen’s, it was mostly little Mom and Pop companies where the owner designed and built the swing sets and playground accessories. They would make modifications as needed. There were few regulations, and very little research on what was safe and what was not. Next came bigger companies, more regulations, and a focus on safety with not much focus on fun. I now think that there is a great compilation of safety and fun and learning. Children have always learned social skills on playgrounds. They also want to stretch themselves and be adventurous on playgrounds. I think that new playgrounds are featuring components that help them do this.

There have been newly designed playground accessories from many manufactures. One of these has been multi user swings. I think one of the most original was the Expression Swing by Gametime. It was the first mother/child swing I had seen. Previous to this, we had always said that all swings were for children only. This swing changed this idea. The parent and the child now are able to face each other and both swing together. I thought it was brilliant. They are many other wonderful new inventive multi user swings by many other companies. I think the new multi user saucer dishes are great fun for children to twirl and swing.

Multi user swing seats


multi user swing seats

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Along with including more children playing together on a swing, there have been vast improvements in playground accessories to allow children with disabilities to be included on swing sets. I think Deanna Johnson with her Jennswing was one of the first people to promote this idea. It has shown that children benefit with swinging by improving body awareness, coordination and motor planning. With all new swing set accessories there are difficulties. We just made a new mold for our ADA swing.


Accessible swing seats

accessible swing seats

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One of the challenges we found was meeting restrictions on entanglement, and yet being supportive enough for a child with disabilities.
Playground Safety Surfacing is another area where there have been many improvements. Studies have shown 70 percent of all playground injuries are related to falls to the surface. Surfacing has made dramatic improvements. Surfacing is actually becoming structures all of their own. Manufacturers now use surfacing to make hills and bumps for children to jump, run and roll on. Another great idea that adds color, safety and fun.
New materials are always being found to improve playgrounds and play accessories. Jensen invented the new Kevlar swing seats

playground swing seats

Replacement belt swing seats and playground accessories for commercial or residential playground

that does not have the common steel insert, but instead uses a Kevlar insert. This reduces vandalism and will not cut a child when the rubber wears. In New York City high use parks, where swings are in constant use 24/7, the normal rubber seats were sometimes only lasting three to six months. This swing has lasted them several years in their high use parks, saving them time and money in replacements. Coatings have also improved greatly. New trivalent chain coating improved salt tests for rust from 12 hours to 120 hours. This is a ten time improvement.

I cannot wait to see what all of the wonderful, inventive minds in the playground industry come up with in the next few years. It is going to be exciting!

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