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These commercial playground slides manufacturers offer many different types of slides for both park, daycare, schools, indoor or outdoor and any other area that requires a great fun slide addition for a play structure or free standing slides. The slide suppliers linked below will have a dealer in your area so don’t hesitate to ask them for a quote. USA and Canada :-

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A-OK Playgrounds

P.O. box 30162 Austin, TX 78755

Commercial playground

Nationwide Sales! A-OK Playgrounds is a leader in designing and selling top-quality commercial and residential playground equipment for indoor and outdoor use. We also sell waterslides, shade structures, sport courts, and more. All products come with dedicated customer service and helpful advice, making the planning process both efficient and fun. Our playground equipment serves schools, parks, churches, restaurants, daycares, YMCA, JCC, HOA, malls, retail sites, hotels and resorts, apartment complexes, residential backyards and more. Let us help you design and plan your playground adventure! Professional CPSI consultants are always available. We sell indoor playground equipmentoutdoor playground equipmentcustom slidessport courtsplayground safety surfacingshade structuresprojection video gamesvirtual reality (VR), play housesbackyards swing setstrampolines, and hunting blinds. Let us help you design and plan your playground adventure.

Adventure Playground Systems

10845 Church Lane Houston, TX 77043

Playground systems

At Adventure Playground Systems, we pride ourselves in providing a safe environment for all children to grow and nurture their natural sense of adventure through play. We are a local Texas manufacturer and nationwide provider of quality Commercial Playgrounds, Splash Pads, Shade Structures, Safety Surfacing, Park Amenities, Dog Parks and more.

Our team members are passionate about creating fun and exciting play products while maintaining that quality, compliance and safety will always be our highest priorities. We offer a complete turn-key project solution, specializing in the design, manufacturing and installation of all your parks and recreation needs. Contact us today for a complimentary catalog or quote. Our Adventure Play Experts are CPSI certified and ready to help!

Jensen Swing Products

9327 Wheatlands Rd Santee, CA 92071

Swing Accessories

Wholesale sales”ONLY”.

Swing accessories slides, replacement parts, swing, playground components, Swing Hangers, Tire Swivels, S-Hooks, Chains, Swings and backyard Metal Swing Frames.

Slide Innovations

905 Pacific Ave. Bremen, GA 30110

Playground slide

Slide Innovations manufactures and designs high quality, safe, innovative playground slide equipment for schools, parks, churches, water parks etc. to fit any child’s age group. Anything from structures, playground slides, swing-bays, riders, climbers, we fulfill any customers needs.

Summit USA Inc

10403 N.E. 13th Ave., Ste. 2 Vancouver, WA 98686

Pool slides manufacturer

We created the first safe pool slides in the United States. This is our legacy. It has been almost 25 years and we still make the best commercial water slides and customized pool slides for high-end residential and commercial swimming pools. Over the years, Ken has designed around 5,000 unique configurations, and gotten pretty good at it! Look around and call us with your questions. We love to hear about your pool slide project!

The Playground, Shade, and Surfacing Depot

200 N. Rufe Snow Drive, Suite 209 Keller, TX 76248

Playground shade

Commercial playgrounds and play environments
Playground shade structures
Retractable 75mph wind rated engineered umbrellas
Surfacing—artificial turf, poured in place rubber, playground surfacing, Wood Fiber, Etc.
Shelters / Pavilions Commercial Site Furniture
Commercial Pool & Café Furniture
Dog Park Products

Playground Shade
Bleachers and Grandstands
Climbing Rocks and Boulders
Early Childhood outdoor products
Sport Courts & Sports Equipment
Splash Pad, Water Play & Water Slides
Indoor Playgrounds and everything in between!

We believe an exceptional experience and quality service starts with a great design, affordable prices and outstanding communication. Lets begin your experience today!

World Play Solutions

4730 S. Fort Apache Rd. Suite 300 Las Vegas, NV 89147

Interactive Play

World Play Solutions is a designer, producer and installer of Top Quality Commercial Indoor Playground Equipment. We also manufacture Toddler Soft Play, Interactive Play, Climbing Walls and Inflatables. Affordable, Safe, Fun & WOW FACTOR!   Our cutting-edge designs are manufactured to the highest standards with components sourced from US and European-based companies.  We do NOT import product from China.  Projects completed include YMCAs, churches, casinos, hotels and family entertainment centers in Illinois, Missouri, California, New Jersey, Iowa, North Carolina, Minnesota, Florida, Las Vegas, Canada, Indiana and more!

WORLD PLAY SOLUTIONS is keenly aware that we compete with other manufacturers and providers of play equipment throughout North America.   However, we humbly but confidently state that WORLD PLAY SOLUTIONS offers clearly-superior VALUE when compared to our American and Canadian competitors, as well those US importers and Chinese exporters of playground equipment made in China.

Sliding into Fun: Exploring Playground Slides for All Ages

Playgrounds have long been cherished as places where children can experience the thrill of adventure and the joy of physical activity. Among the diverse array of playground equipment, slides stand out as timeless favorites. In this piece, we will delve into playground slides, emphasizing commercial playground slides, and their role in enhancing children's excitement and development.

  1. The Allure of Playground Slides: Playground slides are more than just a source of amusement; they provide valuable benefits for children's physical and cognitive growth. Whether twisting, straight, or tube-shaped, slides offer a wide range of experiences that engage children of all ages.
  2. Promoting Physical Activity and Exercise: Slides encourage children to climb, balance, and slide down, promoting physical development. The act of climbing stairs to reach the top of the slide builds strength and coordination, while the descent down the slide requires balance and control.
  3. Enhancing Social Skills: Slides often become gathering points for children, fostering social interactions. Waiting in line, taking turns, and cheering for friends sliding down are all social activities that promote cooperation and communication.
  4. Stimulating Imagination: Slides can transform into anything a child's imagination desires. A simple slide can become a rocket ship, a dragon's lair, or a waterfall in the rainforest. This imaginative play enhances cognitive development and creativity.
  5. Commercial Playground Slides: Meeting Safety Standards Commercial playground slides are designed with a particular emphasis on safety and durability. These slides are manufactured to meet or exceed strict safety standards, ensuring a secure play experience for children.
  6. Choosing the Right Commercial Playground Slide: When selecting a commercial playground slide, several factors should be considered:
  1. Age Appropriateness: Ensure that the slide is suitable for the age group using the playground. Manufacturers often provide age recommendations.
  2. Safety Features: Look for slides with safety features such as handrails, non-slip surfaces, and proper installation.
  3. Material Quality: The durability of the slide is vital, especially for commercial use. Opt for slides made from high-quality materials that can withstand heavy traffic.
  4. Space and Layout: Consider the available space and the layout of your playground when choosing a slide design. Some slides may require more space than others.
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