Get The Best Safety Surfacing Systems with The Turnkey Solutions

Are you looking for the best resources for finding residential and commercial playground equipment manufacturers and suppliers in Canada? The Original Playground Directory is the all-in-one solution for finding the best company manufacturing and supplying playground safety surfacing units at the best price range. It is a great opportunity for getting top-quality commercial and residential […]

Want to Renovate Playground Area After COVID-19 Pandemic?

The playground design and playground accessories manufacturing industry remain silent despite the impacts from Covid-19. Now, when the businesses, school, shopping and amusement parks, playgrounds, and sport complexes are reopen, a change in the playground surfacing has become the basic need. A change in the accessories, playground equipment range, surfacing, swings, etc has become a […]

Safety of Your Kids Is Much More Important – Pay Attention on Choosing the Best Daycare Playground Equipment

When the life is back to normal again after almost two years, schools have been reopened and the crèche, KGs and nursery schools are ready to welcome champs in a new environment, where safety and following health protocols are much more important. It’s truly a challenging time for school management and of course for parents. […]