Backyard sandbox ideas

Below please find sandbox links, How to build a sandbox, Do it yourself backyard sandbox instructions and kits, plans, and borders. Instructions, kits on building a safe children’s sandbox in the backyard. DIY sandbox ideas . USA & Canada for sale, home made sandbox and drainage.

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Action Play Systems, LLC

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Playground Accessories.

Action Play Systems is the preferred vendor for playground dealers nationwide. Action Play Systems focuses on playground accessories and components such as playground borders, ADA/Wheelchair accessible Ramps, replacement swing parts, sandbox, swing/slide safety surfaces, wear mats and more. 

Playground Borders Direct

San Antonio, TX 78217

Playground borders

Playground Borders Direct sells the highest quality border timbers at wholesale discounted volume prices. They can be used in playground, sandbox, landscape, garden and also erosion control applications.

DIY sandbox instructions & sales

We all have some great memories of playing in sandboxes as a child. Those memories of building with buckets and shovels, using our imagination playing with trucks and dolls with our friends and just quietly playing on our own. In building or buying a sand box a few things should be considered, size, shape and materials. My memories of sandbox play are of socializing with other children, so allowing room for a few children in the play space is important. The traditional "box" shape seems to work well in a practical sense but any shape will work well. Placing seats on the corners will provide the kids a bit more space to play as well as keep them out of the sand a bit.

Materials used to build sandboxes.

Pressure treated lumber used to have some nasty chemicals used in production, but the use of arsenic was stopped back in 2002, so any of that type of wood is now safe to use on a playground. Playground borders can be used or recycled plastic lumber is a newer product that is used widely now in play spaces for a number of reasons.  It is a very durable long lasting material. Recycled plastic lumber can be purchased in bright colors, is splinter free and earth friendly. Sandbox covers. Your sandbox should have it's own cover. The sandbox cover will keep the elements out of your play space as well as keep any local animals from also enjoying it. What ever choices you make with your backyard family sandbox, it is sure to give your children and yourselves many years of fun and enjoyment.