Build a swing set for your backyard

How to Build a Swing Set for your Backyard

Let’s go over How to build a swing set for your backyard. Have you ever admired those large
wooden structures that kids seem to have hours of fun on? Looking for a way to build this but
not a cookie cutter idea, one that is truly your own? Well, we can help. Building a swing set out
of wood isn’t something that you need mad woodworking skills at. Heck, you just need some
simple tools like a circular saw, shovel, bucket, screwdriver, and a hammer. However, if you
want to get fancy you may need a drill as well, to make the holes for the bars. Seriously, it’s not
that complicated and could be a fun for the entire family. Let’s think about some of the different
options you have out there. Wooden play structures come in all forms so let’s dive in and see
what some options are. Read More.

You can put a simple swing set together like below with some wood from the local hardwood
store and most of the other components can be purchased there as well. Or you could get the
swings, slide and such as the local hardware store. Swings can even be made using a piece of
wood and some chain or rope. This isn’t rocket science and pretty easy.

swing set


Wooden Swing Set Plans for your Backyard

Wooden swing set plans for a swingset for your backyard can be found all over the internet. Or,
get creative, it can be as massive or as simple as you’d like. Designing a swing set is pretty
easy, even the basic, 2 boards on the end and a board through the middle with swings on it.
For those, we would recommend cementing in the legs, or it might tip over.
Cementing in the legs is something any amateur should be able to do without any issues. You
can purchase bags of cement at your local hardware store. To cement in the poles or posts is
probably a good idea for most play structures. To do so, dig a hole with your shovel or post
digger if you have one, place treated wood is best for your structure, as it will endure the
elements better and is still safe to play on.


Materials you might need to build a swing set for your backyard

Some materials you might want to consider are wood, swings or slides, chains or rope, screws
are probably best of nails, and hardware. First, sit down and think out how you’re going to build
your swing set for the backyard. This really isn’t as complicated as some people make it out to
be. Some components may even be picked up at garage sales or off Craig’s List. Take apart
some other structures to get the components your need may cost less as well. You will need to
pick up some wood for sure, so you may need a truck to do this, as the posts need to be tall, 12
foot is best, since, you will need room to cement in the structure.

Consider how much weight can fit on the platform and overbuild if necessary for strength. Use
lag bolts and drill a hole to put them through with nuts and washers at the pertinent points of the
structure. The idea behind this is, don’t let it break apart. If you have a raised platform, the kids
are all going to pile on it when playing. So, thus, how many will fit, as kids are kids and will push
the limits. Keep safety always in mind.


Wooden Play Structures for your Backyard

Various wooden play structures for your backyard can be build by just about any homeowner.
Play structures can be a fun escape for the kids as well as parents. And, building it as a family
can be just as fun. Play structures can be things like a swing set for your backyard to a tree
house, up in the trees or a playhouse. Some of these things are simple to make and really don’t
cost that much to build. A simple playhouse from wood would take about 7 sheets of plywood
for a basic design with the open floor plan. Basically building a box by putting the board
together and a roof with a slant.

wooden play house

Above, is an example of a wooden play structure that could be built. Aside from the round
windows, this structure isn’t complicated and is quite cute. If the round windows seem a bit over
your head, then try making square windows. Windows in these structures are great for the kids
to get light inside. Since, a Completely closed off wooden box would be quite dark. There are
also things like batter or solar powered lights that could be added for additional light.


Decorate your Outside Play structure!

For the inside, add some mini cabinets and maybe a fake sink from things found at garage
sales, alongside the road. Allow the kids to go “shopping” at the local charity store or garage
sale for decorations. Maybe you have an extra clock to hang on the wall. An old telephone for
them to put inside. Allowing them to make this wooden box their little home away from home is
super fun for them. Making the wooden box fun with little additions is always great. Maybe with
your new found carpenter skills you could build a doll bed, rustic of course. Swing sets for your
backyard can be fun, maybe add a swing set off to the side of this little structure and put this
structure on stilts. Are you seeing the possibilities?

Outdoor play equipment is something every child enjoys. They will love showing it off to their
friends and say you built it. Maybe add a sandbox under the swings, poof, a sandbox for
digging fun and you don’t have to mow around the structure. This is a win, win. Take a look at
the endless world of the internet. There are all kinds of examples of outdoor play structures, to
how to build a swing set for your backyard and so much more.

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