Why Should You Focus on Playground Safety Surfacing

Do you know that majority of playground injuries are the result of falls to the surface. If you pay attention on the right type of playground safety surfacing, you can reduce the frequency and severity of playground injuries to a great level. If the available records of Canadian Pediatric Society are believed, approx 30,000 children under the age of 15 years are treated each year for playground related injuries. Children below 15 years of age have the highest risk of injury. Falls are the common issues and cause of injuries seen in the emergency room.  If the playground safety surfacing standards are followed, chances are higher to reduce injuries to a great level. Here are some of the best playground safety surfacing options that will surely lessen the chances of major injuries and these surfacing options are mulch, sand, wood chips, pea gravel shredded rubber, rubber mats, and poured in place rubber surfacing.

Choose the Right Safety Surfacing for Playground Area

At the time of playground installation, you need to look for the right type of surfacing equipment that you can get in combination with barrier cloth, playground borders, certified wooden playground mulch and installation in a planed way.

Choosing the right type of barrier cloth can be the best option that provides separation between the ground and the surfacing product that helps keep them from intermixing and help retard soil movement along with reducing the growth in the area.

Playground borders have their importance – typically installed above grade to help contain loose fill surfacing materials. You can choose borders in your own way.

Installation is the key concern to focus on because it depends on the size and area of the space.

Make Playground Safety Surfacing Comfortable and Safe for Children to Play Comfortably

The fact cannot be denied that playgrounds offer countless opportunities to grow laugh and develop important skills. Your kids and teenagers enjoy their sunny days gleefully by climbing or swinging high into the sky alongside friends or classmates. They deserve to create happy playground memories that can cherish for life. A safe and fun playground makes it possible. However, parents often worry about the safety, when it comes time to play. Here, you need to ensure the playground is safe and ready to bring hours of joy. Whether you are building a playground for a school, park, or day care, you need to pay equal attention to playground equipment for safety.

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