Playground Safety Week

Playground Safety Week

Playground Safety

Well it’s playground safety week again! Started in 1997 by The NPPS, National Program for Playground Safety.


This week April 23rd to 27th is an opportunity to help communities look at their local playgrounds with the focus on safety and play. With 200,000 plus kid visits to  emergency rooms across the US from playground injuries, this week is a great time to review what you can do to help.  There are contests for children such as the Poster Calendar Contest at as well as other organizations offering up help for professionals and parents. Our Playground Safety resources page can be found here  and we have a number of Playground Safety articles.


One of our affiliates GameTime has free Maintenance and Supervision Guides, have a look and see if it’s something that can help you.

Playground Safety week


This is a great time to Inspect your playground, it is necessary to have a regular inspection and maintenance schedule.  Your schedule includes your safety surfacing, loose nuts and bolts, cracked swing seats, and any worn ropes and chains.


We here at the Playground Directory wish you all a very safe year of play!

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