Playground Borders

Playground Borders

Playground Borders

Playground Border

The playground borders that our vendors offer are amazing.  These are safe for the kids and pets to be around and allow the playground area to have playground surfacing that will be contained from the lawn or yard around.  This enables the upkeep of the playground area to be easy to mow.  And, the playground surfacing will allow the kids to have a safe place to play.

Playground borders aren’t your treated wood hard surface borders of the past.  And, certainly not your cement borders that we once had.  Playground Borders are made of heavy-duty commercial grade resin that can hold up over time.  They are made to be outdoors with the sun and elements.  The playground borders offer rounded edges that are safe to fall on.

Many of the playground borders have attachable ramps that are ADA approved.  They are super easy to install and look great.  As a matter of fact, these borders can be used in the landscaping industry and have been for the durability.  Getting a beautiful edge every time and not the backbreaking bricks of yesterday.  They have interlocking construction that is easy to install for any homeowner.

If you are looking to make a great statement, these playground borders are a must.  They keep the playground surfacing contained so your park, backyard or playground area stays neat and clean.  And, they can last up to 10 years, with keeping their color and shape the entire time.  Getting the border on your playground correct can be simple and quick as many come in long sections, even up to 8 feet.  This helps the installation process along tremendously, as the boards just interlock into place.

Finding the perfect border for your Playground

Borders for your playground come in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs.  First, ensure that you know what type of surfacing you are going to be using on your playground. This can rubber mulch, regular wood mulch, or choose from a variety of playground safety surfacing options here.  Once you have figured out what you’d like to use, this will help you decide the color options that will look best with your playground surface and the playground equipment.  Something that blends in perhaps?  Or maybe you’re looking for a bold statement that will really stand out.  The border around your playground will be a focal point for sure.  So, take your time to decide and maybe look around on the internet for some ideas.

Installation of the perfect border for your playground is quick and easy in most cases.  The blocks come as interlinking blocks and offer you a simple snap and build construction with usually a stake or post of some kind.

They are very safe and simple to use.  And, they have rounded tops and edges that won’t scrape should there be a fall or scuff.  The borders are work great for keeping in all the loose playground surfacing.  And, they are amazing to keep the kids from tracking that material throughout the home or school.

Keep it together with playground borders.

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