Exploring Playground Equipment Options – What you Need to Know

Commercial Outdoor Playground Equipment and School Playground Equipment share similarities in terms of structure and style. The pieces may be plastic or wooden or have a combination of the two materials. Metal equipment has generally not featured in the past. Safety covering is used to coat the pieces and prevent burning and overheating the children that come into contact with them.

The design of conventional equipment has evolved in design and style and offers more options for play.

school playground equipment

Monkey Bars

Monkey bars are classic aspects of Commercial Outdoor Playground Equipment. New hanging versions of material have taken over. Swinging bars, rather than fixed styles, are becoming more popular. Moving the bar makes it more challenging as the kids swing between bars.



Sandboxes give children a chance to dig and build. Portable and small sandboxes made of plastic or wood are fixable on different surfaces such as patios and porches. A plastic sandbox comes in different designs, typically animal shapes.

commercial playground equipment

Climbing Equipment

A climbing structure is a fascinating part of School Playground Equipment. Children can be more imaginative in a climbing net. Plastic ledges and rock walls develop skills and strength as well as reasoning capacity. These types of structures encourage children to be adventurous in a safe environment.

residential swing sets

Slides and Swings

Residential Swing Sets and slides are standard features of playgrounds. A safety swing makes it possible to lift or fasten younger children into place. Residential Swing Sets have become increasingly popular as structures that hang freely and guarantee non-stop fun and excitement. Plastic slides are generally preferred to metal ones because they do not retain heat.


Promoting Balance

Equipment specially designed for balance helps children improve their agility. From stepping stones to balance beams of varying heights, this type of equipment challenges balance and helps kids learn crucial skills. Dual ropes equipment involves children balancing on lower lines and holding onto top ropes for support.

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